Spring Bulb Garden by Eugene Garden Design
Eugene Small Garden Design and Installation

Professional Garden Help

Eugene Garden Design provides custom services in small garden design, new garden installation, and bringing your garden dreams to life. Whether you need an expert to completely design your garden to create a workable arrangement that puts food on your table year-round, or need an eager helper to work side-by-side with you, training you as we go on how-to in your garden, Eugene Garden Design is here for you!

Christina Conway, Owner of Eugene Garden Design

Christina Conway

Founder of Company

Garden Design Services

Making the most out of the space you have - veggies, flowers, or both! In containers or in-ground.

Side-By-Side Garden Creation

No other Eugene landscaping firm will work with you, in your garden, teaching as we go!

New Gardens from Nothing

Creating gardens from grass and weeds, and replanting unsightly planters that have sat too long.

Eugene Garden Design is NOT a lawn mowing service. We don’t have a flatbed driving around town just to cut one area of grass after another – that’s not what we’re about. And besides, there are plenty of existing lawn maintenance services already providing this service around town. 

Custom gardens, planted by hand, one at a time.
That’s what Eugene Garden Design is all about. 

If you’ve been looking at a part of your yard just wondering if a garden could go there – it probably could. If you want to have the prettiest garden on your street, that’s what I do. If you just need someone to come and help you start a productive vegetable and herb garden and show you all the ins and outs of making it really productive throughout the year, contact Eugene Garden Design.

  • For people with no time to create their own garden
  • For people who want beautiful, productive gardens but don’t know how to make it happen all on their own
  • For Contractors and Realtors and Homeowners looking to sell high by maximizing curb appealarea

Perennial Flower Garden by Eugene Garden Design

Eugene Garden Design really does specialize in small gardens; in going one yard at a time, or even one square yard at a time.

Individual unsightly planters can be totally transformed to look brand new with just a little effort, planning and planting. Some families move into a new-to-them home, and find a concrete block planter out front with one ugly weed growing in it, surrounded by barren dry dirt. It’s hard to see the potential sometimes, but that’s what Eugene Garden Design really does – transformations from that kind of starting place into a beautiful new garden space.

First consultations are always free. I need to meet up on-site at your property to take a good look at the area you want transformed and see what can really be done with the unique conditions of sun, soil and whatever else is having an effect on that particular spot. Let’s talk about your ideas, your goals of what your garden needs to produce or do for you, and create a plan for a truly great garden!