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Blog articles by Eugene Garden Design in Eugene, Oregon.

Dealing with a Rising Rat and Rodent Population

Our mission is to provide our customers with responsive service and unsurpassed quality and value at a very competitive price…

Why a Pre-Planned Garden Really Works

Pre-planning gardens helps plants thrive by creating an arrangement that accounts for their full-grown size and spread with tall plants in the back, and tiny things where they won’t be smothered.

Eugene Garden Design

Keep it or Kill it? Deciding in your garden

Deciding whether to keep or remove trees, shrubs and other plants in your yard can be a tough choice.

Learn the unique micro-climates of your Eugene property in a one-on-one class!

Learn about the unique micro-climates that exist only on your property, and how to plant and grow to work with these micro-climates rather than struggle against them.

Creating a new garden from nothing but patchy grass and weeds

We all spot those houses with infrequently mowed patchy lawns of unsightly dry grass and weeds. Or maybe that’s your yard we’re talking about?

4 Steps to Improve Your Lawn

Follow these seasonal steps to help your lawn grow more healthy over time with minimal effort and expense. Good lawn advice from Eugene Garden Design

How a Slow-Grow Garden Plan can work for you

For those who have always dreamed of having a beautiful and productive garden, Eugene Garden Design can use the Slow-Grow Garden Plan to meet up with you in your garden and work with you, beside you, getting you involved in the process of making and tending your garden as we grow and expand it according to your ideas.