Curb Appeal Tulips Delight Neighbors

You might think that having a low chain link fence out by the sidewalk could be an unsightly disadvantage, but it doesn’t have to be! Just a little effort on cool autumn days can provide a vibrant show in the early spring, just when the neighborhood needs a good pick-me-up after the dreary winter. Tulips grow and bloom very early in the spring; among the first flowers to do so. The bulbs can be sourced in mixed colors as shown below, or selected in specific colors to highlight the architectural style of the home, or to suit personal preference. 

I had already started a low growing screen by planting Manhattan Euonymous just inside the chain link fence at regular intervals. Between those bushes, the tulips were planted to fill the space between them, and from the fence to about a foot toward the lawn. Outside the fence there’s only about eight inches of soil between fence and sidewalk, and that too could be planted thickly with tulip bulbs. 

The effect in February and March was enough to slow passing traffic and delight pedestrians. Toddlers stopped and squealed with joy! For that positive effect, it only cost me around $50 in bulbs the previous fall. And since these bulbs will come back again every spring, that’s a one-time expense that will pay off in years of returns with a wall of flowers every spring creating goodwill among my neighbors and happiness to all. I can go for that! 

Curb appeal tulips by Eugene Garden Design
The lighter green branches are the lacy screen created by the Manhattan Euonymous, a bush that should grow to about eight feet tall - but I intend to cut and shape it as it grows to create a lacy privacy screen that will still allow a good view into the front flower gardens for pedestrians. The curb appeal tulips will come back every spring, from February through March and even into April because I chose a spectrum of tulips for an extended blooming period.
Curb appeal tulip planting by Eugene Garden Design
This picture gives a wider angle view of how the tulips were planted between the hedges down the entire length of the chain link fence both inside and out.
Curb appeal tulips along a front fence by Eugene Garden Design
Future plans to replace this chain link fence with a low wood fence will incorporate the tulips just as they are, for joyous blooms every spring!

If you aspire to a front garden that blooms profusely in the spring, CONTACT Eugene Garden Design for help making it happen! Both fall and spring bulb planting plans are available – Daffodils, Tulips and Narcissus in the autumn, Gladiolus, Lilies and many more can be planted in the spring.