Rose Garden Design and Installation in Eugene, Oregon and the surrounding areas

Roses come in hundreds of varieties, and adding a rose garden to a property can lend a classic and romantic appeal to an outdoor space. Providing vases of cut roses to bring indoors, the perfumed scent of roses can permeate a whole yard, and delight the neighbors!

The pictures for this brand new rose garden don’t yet show how the rose bushes will grow and develop to bloom in the space. A rose garden can require patience, letting new rose bushes develop and grow for a year or more before they look like anything but scrawny twigs sticking out of the ground. 

Rose gardens require care – particular fertilizers to feed the roses in healthy, disease-free growth, and skilled pruning along with the regular addition of fresh mulch are necessary. 

Removing poor soil and weeds in preparation for a new rose garden by Eugene Garden Design
In front of this fence sat an area of particularly poor soil, populated with invasive species. To start, I dug down and removed soil in preparation for the new rose garden I intended to install.
Fresh New Soil for a Rose Garden by Eugene Garden Design
Fully prepped with clean, rich garden soil, I was ready to plant my roses. *I had already put in two baby lilacs in the back corners that should grow to the height of the fence and frame the roses, in time.
New Rose Bushes planted by Eugene Garden Design
Planted in the very early spring, roses do best when planted while still dormant. Patience is required to let them grow from these stumpy twigs.
Brand New Rose Garden by Eugene Garden Design
When planting a rose garden, allow ample space for the rose bushes to grow up and fill, while leaving enough space to reach in to cut fresh roses and to work around the rose bushes.
Freshly mulched rose garden by Eugene Garden Design
A heavy application at the roots of each new rose bush of a rose-specific fertilizer and disease preventer, plus a thick layer of mulch, and this brand new baby rose garden is ready to start growing!

Do you have a space in your yard that you think would be ideal for a new rose garden? Contact Eugene Garden Design for a free first consultation, and let’s plan your new rose garden together!

Blurry Garden Leaves by Eugene Garden Design