Lettuce Bed Growth from Planting to Harvest

One planter bed just four feet square can produce a huge harvest of lettuces, spinach and kale for a family. In my garden, I have one 4×8 raised bed divided in half with my strawberries at one end and my mixed lettuces, spinach and kale occupying the other end. As the season progresses, I add trellises and runner beans to help shade the lettuces as the season grows warmer. When the lettuces are done, I use the bed for vegetables that start later in the season and grow to a fall harvest.

Whether you plant vegetables in raised bed planter boxes like this, or have an in-ground garden bed, CONTACT Eugene Garden Design for help in crop timing, crop rotations, succession planting and companion planting. All these things can help to improve the yield from your garden!

Freshly planted bed of lettuces by Eugene Garden Design
The lettuce bed, with strawberries visible at the far end. Little lettuces, spinach, kale, and even a few starts that overwintered are spaced in the raised bed garden planter very early in the spring while nights are still very cold.
Growth in the lettuce bed by Eugene Garden Design
After some time to grow, the mixed lettuces, spinach and kale can be picked off a few leaves at a time, or wait a bit longer to harvest whole heads of romaine when they start to look quite leafy and chonky!
Runner beans on trellises shade a lettuce bed by Eugene Garden Design
As the lettuce harvest continues, the plants start to show that it's getting too warm for them. So I added the trellis and planted runner beans to give them some shade.
Close up of lettuce bed garden at Eugene Garden Design
Lettuces are a cold crop, so just as their harvest is going full tilt, the other garden beds are getting going in the background.

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